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Houston, Harris County, Texas



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAILEY, David Fitch  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18822 hibbard 
2 BAILEY, David Fitch Jr.  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18823 hibbard 
3 BRIDGES, Larry Duane  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18826 hibbard 
4 BRIDGES, Russell David  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18829 hibbard 
5 DRAKE, George Wilson Jr.  Houston, Harris County, Texas I14015 hibbard 
6 DRAKE, Helen Marie  Houston, Harris County, Texas I14016 hibbard 
7 DUPREE, Sharon Kay  Houston, Harris County, Texas I19172 hibbard 
8 GARRIS, Sharron Yvonne  Houston, Harris County, Texas I392 hibbard 
9 HALL, Francis Malcolm  10 Feb 1924Houston, Harris County, Texas I13923 hibbard 
10 HALL, Lisa Leah  Houston, Harris County, Texas I13924 hibbard 
11 HALL, Ronald Bryce  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18834 hibbard 
12 HIBBARD, Jackie Dean  Houston, Harris County, Texas I929 hibbard 
13 HIBBARD, Marie Arlette  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18832 hibbard 
14 HIBBARD, Stacy Jo  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18851 hibbard 
15 HIBBARD, Stephen Mark  Houston, Harris County, Texas I15 hibbard 
16 HIBBARD, Terry Douglas  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18849 hibbard 
17 KITCHEN, Betty Louise  6 Mar 1930Houston, Harris County, Texas I18978 hibbard 
18 KITCHEN, Joseph Fairabault Jr.  Nov 1932Houston, Harris County, Texas I18980 hibbard 
19 KNAPP, Alfred John Jr.  Houston, Harris County, Texas I15522 hibbard 
20 KNAPP, Breckinridge Lykes  Houston, Harris County, Texas I15528 hibbard 
21 KNAPP, Christopher Lykes  Houston, Harris County, Texas I15527 hibbard 
22 KNAPP, Lynda  Houston, Harris County, Texas I15521 hibbard 
23 LYKES, Letitia  Houston, Harris County, Texas I15523 hibbard 
24 MACEY, Norman J. Jr.  Houston, Harris County, Texas I19167 hibbard 
25 MACEY, Norman J. III  Houston, Harris County, Texas I19169 hibbard 
26 MACEY, Robert Wallace  Houston, Harris County, Texas I19173 hibbard 
27 O'CONNOR, Keith Allen  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18881 hibbard 
28 ROBERTSON, Brian P.  Houston, Harris County, Texas I18889 hibbard 
29 TYLER, Andrew Mills  Houston, Harris County, Texas I14916 hibbard 
30 TYLER, Seth Alan  Houston, Harris County, Texas I14915 hibbard 
31 UNDERWOOD, David Milton  Houston, Harris County, Texas I15529 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 DUNCAN, Evelyn  30 May 1960Houston, Harris County, Texas I15519 hibbard 
2 HALL, Francis Malcolm  Jan 1975Houston, Harris County, Texas I13923 hibbard 
3 HIBBARD, Dee "Bill"  27 Nov 1977Houston, Harris County, Texas I143 hibbard 
4 HIBBARD, Dolores "Dee"  3 Jun 1995Houston, Harris County, Texas I927 hibbard 
5 HIBBARD, Leslie Graham  8 Mar 1979Houston, Harris County, Texas I9035 hibbard 
6 HIBBARD, Minnie Lodema 'Demmie'  21 May 1971Houston, Harris County, Texas I145 hibbard 
7 HIBBARD, Oscar H.  5 Jul 1992Houston, Harris County, Texas I843 hibbard 
8 HIBBARD, Ruby Pauline  15 Mar 1962Houston, Harris County, Texas I17 hibbard 
9 HIBBARD, Virginia Dee  15 Aug 1990Houston, Harris County, Texas I925 hibbard 
10 JENKINS, Madeleine  2 Feb 1979Houston, Harris County, Texas I15511 hibbard 
11 KENLY, Inez  20 Sep 1968Houston, Harris County, Texas I859 hibbard 
12 KITCHEN, Charles Theodore  29 Dec 1948Houston, Harris County, Texas I20391 hibbard 
13 KNAPP, Alfred John  10 Sep 1989Houston, Harris County, Texas I15517 hibbard 
14 KNAPP, Charles W.  26 Jun 1940Houston, Harris County, Texas I15518 hibbard 
15 LYKES, James McKay Jr.  2 Jul 1990Houston, Harris County, Texas I15524 hibbard 
16 SLIDER, Nora Elizabeth  2 Sep 1975Houston, Harris County, Texas I16 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID   Tree 
1 HIBBARD, Wayne Travis  Houston, Harris County, Texas I20 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 CREECH / HIBBARD  26 Aug 1955Houston, Harris County, Texas F296 hibbard 
2 DRAKE / FULLER  Houston, Harris County, Texas F4841 hibbard 
3 HALL / PATTERSON  Houston, Harris County, Texas F4715 hibbard 
4 KNAPP / LYKES  Houston, Harris County, Texas F5366 hibbard 
5 KNAPP / MOORE  Houston, Harris County, Texas F5369 hibbard