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Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEAVELAND Achsa Jane  18 Aug 1829Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2752 hibbard 
2 CLEAVELAND Aruna B.  19 Nov 1828Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2732 hibbard 
3 CLEAVELAND Charles  7 Jul 1842Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2738 hibbard 
4 CLEAVELAND Charles Shepard  20 Apr 1824Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2749 hibbard 
5 CLEAVELAND Chester Darby  16 Jun 1825Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2750 hibbard 
6 CLEAVELAND Eliza  22 Oct 1833Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2734 hibbard 
7 CLEAVELAND George W.  29 Feb 1832Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2733 hibbard 
8 CLEAVELAND Henry H.  11 Jul 1840Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2737 hibbard 
9 CLEAVELAND Ira  20 Jan 1827Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2731 hibbard 
10 CLEAVELAND Ira Wilbur  17 Dec 1835Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2735 hibbard 
11 CLEAVELAND Joseph Chandler  1 Jun 1832Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2753 hibbard 
12 CLEAVELAND Lovell H.  4 May 1824Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2730 hibbard 
13 CLEAVELAND Martha Helen  1 Jan 1834Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2754 hibbard 
14 CLEAVELAND Martha Mahala  20 Nov 1821Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2729 hibbard 
15 CLEAVELAND Mary  1 Sep 1820Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2728 hibbard 
16 CLEAVELAND Susan Jeanette  5 Jun 1827Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2751 hibbard 
17 CLEAVELAND William C.  4 Jun 1838Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2736 hibbard 
18 CLEAVELAND William Harvey  2 Nov 1844Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2739 hibbard 
19 CLEMENT Abigail M.  30 Aug 1811Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2743 hibbard 
20 CLEVELAND Laura  2 Apr 1823Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2703 hibbard 
21 HUNT Philip M.  Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2761 hibbard 
22 REYNOLDS Joseph Warner  23 Apr 1809Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2742 hibbard 
23 REYNOLDS Ransom  10 Oct 1812Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I755 hibbard 
24 TRACY Elijah S.  9 Feb 1816Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I7455 hibbard 
25 TRACY William Hibbard  25 Aug 1841Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I7456 hibbard 
26 WILLS OR WILLIS Ezra  1 Oct 1808Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I7869 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEAVELAND Chester  9 Feb 1864Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I742 hibbard 
2 CLEAVELAND Oel  7 Jun 1876Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I745 hibbard 
3 CLEAVELAND William C.  10 Oct 1843Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2736 hibbard 
4 CLEAVELAND William Harvey  20 Sep 1863Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I2739 hibbard 
5 WOODWARD John Hibbard  4 Jun 1866Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont I1099 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLEAVELAND / AVERY  2 Nov 1823Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont F889 hibbard 
2 CLEAVELAND / DODGE  Mar 1820Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont F881 hibbard 
3 CLEAVELAND / KEYES  Abt 1819Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont F886 hibbard 
4 CLEAVELAND / ORDWAY  Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont F895 hibbard 
5 WOODWARD / KINGSBURY  26 Nov 1828Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont F376 hibbard 
6 WOODWARD / MOORE  12 Apr 1829Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont F377 hibbard