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Royalton (Windsor) Vermont



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARTER, Elwin Leyton  23 Feb 1853Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I13040 hibbard 
2 CLEAVELAND, Eli  11 Jul 1799Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I744 hibbard 
3 CLEAVELAND, Frank  2 May 1850Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I2741 hibbard 
4 CLEAVELAND, Hiram  Abt 1787Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I2719 hibbard 
5 CLEAVELAND, Minerva  1 May 1803Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I747 hibbard 
6 CLEAVELAND, Norman A.  9 Jun 1847Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I2740 hibbard 
7 CLEAVELAND, Oel  21 Aug 1797Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I745 hibbard 
8 CLEAVELAND, Ruth  31 Aug 1786Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I2718 hibbard 
9 DEAN, Arley  8 Jun 1801Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1088 hibbard 
10 HIBBARD, Abigail  Between 1778 and 1785Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I729 hibbard 
11 HIBBARD, Arunah (Sr)  28 Dec 1777Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I728 hibbard 
12 HIBBARD, Arunah Jr  8 Jul 1806Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I771 hibbard 
13 HIBBARD, Elmer (or Elmore) Darbe  Between 1778 and 1800Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I730 hibbard 
14 HIBBARD, James  11 Feb 1794Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I734 hibbard 
15 HIBBARD, Col. John  3 Aug 1783Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I733 hibbard 
16 HIBBARD, Lovell  29 Nov 1803Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1068 hibbard 
17 HIBBARD, Mary Polly (or Holly)  6 Feb 1780Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I731 hibbard 
18 HIBBARD, Samuel MD  20 Jan 1782Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I732 hibbard 
19 HIBBARD, Sarah Ensworth  1790Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I726 hibbard 
20 HIBBARD, Zeruiah  1788Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I725 hibbard 
21 LYMAN, William Lee  21 Oct 1798Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I783 hibbard 
22 PACKARD, Dr. Ira F.  7 Jun 1808Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1091 hibbard 
23 PAGE, Benjamin  1766Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I805 hibbard 
24 WOODWARD, Araunah K.  6 Mar 1819Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I781 hibbard 
25 WOODWARD, Mary "Polly"  19 Jan 1803Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I782 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEAVELAND, Abigail  Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I724 hibbard 
2 CLEAVELAND, Eli  23 Mar 1802Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I744 hibbard 
3 CLEAVELAND, Frank  11 Apr 1875Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I2741 hibbard 
4 CLEAVELAND, Ira  24 Mar 1802Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I743 hibbard 
5 CLEAVELAND, Lovell H.  6 Oct 1868Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I2730 hibbard 
6 CLEAVELAND, Minerva  19 Sep 1804Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I747 hibbard 
7 CLEAVELAND, Samuel  7 Nov 1806Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1051 hibbard 
8 HIBBARD, James  4 Mar 1794Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I734 hibbard 
9 HIBBARD, James  1807Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I717 hibbard 
10 HIBBARD, Rev. John Jr.  18 Jul 1800Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I718 hibbard 
11 HIBBARD, General Lovell  20 Mar 1848Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I722 hibbard 
12 HIBBARD, Martha  27 Feb 1834Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I2720 hibbard 
13 HIBBARD, Mary  20 May 1817Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I723 hibbard 
14 HIBBARD, Mary Polly (or Holly)  25 Jun 1858Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I731 hibbard 
15 KENWORTHY, Julia Ann  2 Aug 1871Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1108 hibbard 
16 WOODWARD, Araunah K.  18 Feb 1910Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I781 hibbard 
17 WOODWARD, Daniel  27 Jul 1836Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I779 hibbard 
18 WOODWARD, Daniel Carroll  24 May 1875Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1098 hibbard 
19 WOODWARD, Elmer Albert  15 Aug 1911Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1280 hibbard 
20 WOODWARD, Julia Adelaide  2 Apr 1896Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1281 hibbard 
21 WOODWARD, Kendrick Clark  3 Dec 1927Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1282 hibbard 
22 WOODWARD, Mary "Polly"  7 Jan 1866Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I782 hibbard 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEAVELAND, Samuel  9 Nov 1806Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I1051 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 HIBBARD, John II  Aft 1777Royalton (Windsor) Vermont I692 hibbard 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLEAVELAND / HIBBARD  7 May 1795Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F229 hibbard 
2 CLEAVELAND / WALES  28 Nov 1867Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F899 hibbard 
3 CLEAVELAND / WELCH  11 Mar 1784Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F884 hibbard 
4 HIBBARD / PARKHURST  20 Mar 1839Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F346 hibbard 
5 LYMAN / WOODWARD  25 May 1826Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F235 hibbard 
6 PIERCE / WOODWARD  31 Jan 1873Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F460 hibbard 
7 WOODWARD / COWDERY  22 Nov 1864Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F459 hibbard 
8 WOODWARD / HIBBARD  18 Feb 1802Royalton (Windsor) Vermont F234 hibbard 
9 WOODWARD / KENWORTHY  ArrayRoyalton (Windsor) Vermont F382 hibbard