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Looking for Hibbard info from HH and Vt
By Brenda Pelletier
February 22, 2016

Hi We recently bought an 1829 brick house in Littleton NH that was built by a William Hibbard (son of Col. Aaron and Sarah Merrill Hibbard) who moved here from Bath NH in about 1829 with his wife Seraphina (Learned, Lanard). She was born in Littleton. They had 7 of their 10 children while living in Littleton, and 3 died as babies. Sons George B. and William A. moved to Ohio and Kansas. Wlliam died in 1863 of a lightning strike. George was active in the Revolutionary War. The remaining children (Samuel, Charles, Anna, Susan, and Laura) appear to have settled in Nh and VT.

William was a well known blacksmith and also named in A History of Littleton NH as a builder and surveyor. The family moved to Danville VT in about 1845 and on to Vernon and Glover VT by 1850.

If anyone has further information and especially photos or documents of this family please let me know. Thank you. Brenda Pelletier Littleton NH.

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