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Colonel John Hibbard (1783 - 1872)
June 17, 2017

There seems to be a misrepresentation of the rank and military status of one who is listed as Col. John Hibbard on the Hibbard Family database. It could possibly be a nickname rather than an actual military rank or title. Regardless, there is no proof on any military files, records or muster roles of this John Hibbard actually being a Colonel. While living in New York in 1814, the local militia asked him to help protect a fort for a brief period of time. He either considered that military service and proclaimed that he was a Colonel or else may have simply been referred to a "Colonel John Hibbard" as a nickname. Here are some documents that contain information that support this belief since the military denied his pension claims for lack of documentation that he actually served in the military, this regardless of his grave marker containing the title "Col. John Hibbard."

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We would like to thank Bill Carney (S158), 4th Great Grandson of John Hibbard for bringing this information to our attention.

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