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Captain I.N. Hibbard (Hibberd?) – Part 2
May 11, 2010

Continued from Captian I.N. Hibbard (Hibberd?) Part 1

I’m still convinced that our person in question is Captain I.N. Hibberd, in consideration of the following possible conditions:

The name could have been misspelled on the artifact.  There are many instances where a trophy, an award, a census, news media and other seemingly trustworthy sources unfortunately contain the wrong spelling of a person’s name.  I wouldn’t say that it’s ‘common’, but happens.  The error could be due to his association with Dr. Lloyd Hibbard.  I can confirm the spelling of his name as being ‘Hibbard’, however, I’ve been unable to find information regarding the association or friendship with these two individuals or where the connection originated.  It could be simply that two people with the same or similar names met and developed an association due to a common ground because of their last names.  I’m not sure.

The media that I am sharing with you (passport signatures, quotes from publications, a book written by Captain I.N. Hibberd, and census reports) could indeed be entirely and ironically another person who had similar activities, was also a Captain and who lived during the same time zone as the other. Although that is a possibility, I still don’t think it’s likely that two famous Captains (Hibberd also being an author) could have that much in common and not be the same person.

I’m also ruling out the possibility of Captain Hibberd’s name being misspelled due to, not only the many references to him in literature and the name that appears on his book, ‘Sixteen Times Round Cape Horn: The Reminiscences of Captain Isaac Norris Hibberd’, but also his own signature which appears on two passports clearly signed ‘I.N. Hibberd’.

Here is some information to also consider, so far the only information I could locate concerning I.N. Hibbard:

From: Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s

Name: I.N. Hibbard
Year: 1901
Province: Yukon Territory
County: Nome
Place: Nome, Alaska
Comments: Miner
Source: Dawson City, Yukon Territory and Alaska Directory and Gazetteer, 1901 Vol 722

Notice that this I.N. Hibbard is listed as a ‘Miner’ and not a ‘merchant, shipper or Captain’ as is Hibberd in all the other media associated with ‘Hibberd’.

Here’s another from a California Passenger and Crew List 1893-1957

Name: Isaac N. Hibbard
Arrival Date: April 1, 1921
Age: 58
Birth Date: abt 1863
Gender: Male
Ship Name: Wenatchee
Port of Arrival : San Francisco , CA
Port of Departure: Los Angles, CA

Here is the information concerning I.N. Hibberd

1900 United States Federal Census

Name: Isaac N. Hibberd
Home in 1900: San Francisco , CA
Age: 38
Birth Date: Dec 1861
Race: White
Ethnicity: American
Household Relationship: Son-In-Law
Father’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Spouse’s Name: Alice
Marriage Year: 1897
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 3
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Capt. Alaska Ex. Co.

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1910 United States Federal Census

Name: Isaac N. Hibberd
Age in 1910: 48
Year of Birth: abt 1862
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Household Relationship: Head
Father’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Spouse’s Name: Alice H.
Home in 1910: Oakland, Alameda, CA
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Occupation: Shipping

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U.S. Passport Application

Name: Isaac N. Hibberd (signature included)
Birth Date: 18 Dec 1861
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Passport Issue Date: 15 Dec 1905

 U.S. Passport Application

Name: Isaac N. Hibberd (signature and photo included)
Birth Date: 16 Dec 1861
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Passport Issue Date: 27 Jul 1921

U.S. Passport Application

California Passenger and Crew

Name: Issac N. Hibberd (Notice spelling ‘Issac’)
Arrival Date: 15 Nov 1922
Age: 60
Birth Date: abt 1862
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Ship Name: Wilhelmina
Port of Arrival: San Francisco, CA
Port of Departure: Honolulu, Hawaii



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Continued in Captain I.N. Hibbard (Hibberd?) Part 3

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