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Welcome to Hibbard Family!
May 9, 2010

Hereís your opportunity to share your own Hibbard Family information, new additions to your family or to talk about interesting ancestors. If youíve wanted to write a biography or book, youíve come to the right place!

To create your blog, simply start writing. Iím sure others doing research on this exciting family will appreciate your information and details. You can upload photos of you and your family to share with those doing research.

Have fun and come back and add information often!


1. It's a good idea to compose your blog on a word document using Microsoft Word or Note Pad and then save your work every few minutes or so.  Then when finished, highlight, copy and paste your blog into the blog form and submit.  This is always safer in case there's a computer or Internet glitch while you're writing so that you will not lose all your work.

2. Please always include as many details as possible.

3. Have fun!

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