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The Floyd Hibbard Family 1906

This website is dedicated to listing information about the Hibbard Family.  Since there are thousands of Hibbard Family members worldwide, it is difficult to trace all family trees and update information.  However, it is our goal to trace and add as much information on as many members of this fabulous family from as far back and as current as we can possibly trace.

If you can add additional information, please contact us via email with your valuable information at: webmaster@hibbardfamily.com or use our new Submit Family Data feature to add names to the Hibbard Family Tree.  We also would appreciate your comments!  More links to family members will be added as the information becomes available.  It is also our intention to have the most accurate and reliable data possible.

The Hibbard Family Bulletin Board has a new format!  Now you can not only ask questions and share information with others but you can start your own opinion poll for responses about various Hibbard Family subjects.  Also guests and even members no longer have access to member's email addresses.  Members simply fill out a form to contact other members.  Search and share your Hibbard Family information with confidence that your email address is secure and cannot be used to send spam or unauthorized messages.

It's interesting to trace this family's history.  For instance, there are many singers, songwriters and musicians associated with the Hibbard Family today.   So, it was no surprise to learn that there was a Hibbard who played drums during the Civil War.  Another Hibbard played the fife in the Texas Army.

There are also many professional carpenters associated with this family dating back hundreds of years.  Today there are thousands of Hibbards who are professional builders and carpenters.

We wish to thank Robert Smith, Rhonda Hibbard-Carter, Rev. & Mrs. J.C. Hibbard, Jr., June Marie Hibbard-Underwood and many others who have been helpful in getting a lot of the information here.  Their research, knowledge and support are very much appreciated.

We are also thankful to all the members of this family who have contributed valuable information first hand.  We welcome everyone associated with the Hibbard Family to contact us with accurate historical and personal information.

Please mail your personal Hibbard Family information, .ged files, photos and updates for inclusion on this website to:

     Hibbard Family
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     Send email to: webmaster@hibbardfamily.com


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